Senin, 14 Maret 2011

IT Assignment, My Biography ^^

My Family

Hi guys! I want to tell you everything about me, about my family, my favorite things and etc. First, let me introduce my self, my name is Margaretha Panca Wardhani. Everybody call me Reta. I have a big family. It's not about my family's size, but the members of family. I have three sisters who much older than me. My first elder sister was born in Jakarta, January 5th, 26 years ago. Her name is Anastasia Juwita Asih Pangesti. She is married a year ago, but she doesn't have a baby yet. My second elder sister, - actually my sisters are my elder sisters -, was born on March 24, 25 years ago. Her name is Agnes Asa. She works as a secretary in a iron factory in Cikarang, Bekasi. My tird sister, Lucia Imaniastri was born 21 years ago. She also works as a secretary. My father, Yohanes Eddy works in church parish secretariat. My mother, Ignatia Hertati is a housewife. We live in Bekasi. My family moved to Bekasi 25 years ago. Before moved to Bekasi, my family lived in Jakarta. I have pets in my house. I had more than 20 hamsters in my house, but my father sold them and only left 2 of them.

About Me

Well, I've told you my name and my family members, now I want to tell you about my self. I was born in Jakarta January 24th, 19 years ago. I am an English Lettrs student in Sanata Dharma University. I'm in fourth semester. I made this blog for my IT class with Mr. Dwi. I live in a boarding house in gang Narada.

My hobbie are,,,

^ I like listening to the music, especially western pop music. (Billy Gilman and Lenka are my favorite singers ^_^)

^ I like reading novels. (I like Meg Cabbot's novels)

^ I like watching western movies, especially cartoon. :p

^ i like texting messages to my friends and my boyfriend.

Well, actually I have so many things that I like, but that's all my favorite, top of the top. :)

I have a boyfriend, his name is Melki. He is also an English Letters student in my campus. He is in the second semester. He came from Makasar. He is also a student in Universitas Kristen Duta Wacana.

I like black and white. So, whenever I buy clothes, I always prefer to buy the black and white one. :)

I cannot keep my room clean. My room always get mess in a second. ;p Everytime my friends come to my room, they always complaint about my room, but I don't have time to clean it up. I usually clean up my room in weekend

I was school in Strada Vocational High School, Secretary Department. My parents wanted me to continue my study as secretary, but I did not want, because I do not like to be secretary. I want to be a journalist or an editor in magazine. I am happy that my parents gave me freedom to choose what I will study.